Discover CIFA K36L-5 and the reason why it is a “5 arms like never before” concrete pump!

A unique machine in the 30-40 meter segment, thanks to its unbelievable smart boom and light weight.

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Smart boom for easy operations

A 36-meter boom to pump in every situation, even the most complex placements.

  • 5-section boom

  • new continuous rotation joint on the last section 

Ease of use and time savings: easier to unfold and move also in indoor construction sites, because the rotor enables any boom positioning and rotation in both directions.



Engineered for small spaces

The base frame of K36L-5 have been designed to match compactness and lightweight

  • Linear stabilization on the rear

  • Can be mounted on 3-axle chassis with short wheelbases from 4 to 4,5 meters

Any placement is possible, even the most complex because, compared to the rear swing-out outriggers, it takes up much less space on the ground. The machine is always manageable even in city centers or mountainous areas. 

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Safety and efficient solutions

Smartronic™ – the management system made by CIFA – makes the stabilization easy and safe

  • ASC Advanced Stability Control maximizes the work area depending on the effective opening of the stabilizers. It performs first by slowing down the boom, and eventually stopping it before reaching a critical stability configuration.

  • MBE Max Boom Extension is the cleverest system in the concrete word. It tells the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom with a partial opening of the stabilization, before opening the boom.


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